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Help to Buy Maintaining its Strength

10 August 2017

When Help to Buy was introduced in 2013 everyone was excited and amazed at the really cheap rates of 3.49% on offer which got everyone talking about how great the scheme was.

Well some 4 years later we see rates at 1.39% – the cheapest rates ever to be available with just a 5% deposit.

So for a typical £150,000 mortgage the monthly payments are now over £150 per month less than when the scheme started, but do we tell potential customers?

Let’s remind everyone how the scheme is the best it has ever been.

Even better, the borrowing power for first and next time buyers is also enhanced when using Help to Buy and places dream homes within the reach of some customers who didn’t think it would ever be possible.

From a recent survey of 2500 people, over half still did not understand or realise what Help to Buy can do for them so let’s not presume potential customers do understand the scheme.

With the government currently reviewing the scheme with potential changes, let’s take advantage now with customers buying sooner rather than later.

‘With over twenty lenders now participating in Help to Buy and more coming to the party each month, Help to Buy makes buying a new build property so affordable’

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