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Debt Consolidation allows you to borrow money against your existing home to consolidate your debt, which generally include; Unsecured loans, Credit cards and Store cards.
Using Debt Consolidation can help you to:
Reduce your monthly outgoings
Help you budget more effectively
Gain access to lower interest rates than unsecured finance
If you are an existing residential mortgage customer or if you have your residential mortgage elsewhere, speak to our specialist team to find out if Debt Consolidation is a suitable option for you.

IMH are mortgage review specialists, our Advisers can provide the guidance and support you are looking for.

Paying off your debts by borrowing on your existing mortgage could help you achieve the financial goals you are looking for; however it is important you consider this option carefully.
Should you need to manage other financial obligations there are products that can be used to consolidate your debts, including taking out personal loan, taking out a further advance on your existing mortgage, remortgaging to a new lender with an increased mortgage amount.
However even though a mortgage rate might look better than a personal loan, it lasts a lot longer so it might not be the best cost effective solution, speak to our mortgage advisers to find out more.


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