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With a mortgage rate switch, your mortgage stays with your current lender but you take up a new rate when you come to the end of your current deal.

While this might sound more straightforward than a remortgage, it might not be the best thing for you. After all, your current lender has only limited options available, which may not be right for you.

Our experienced advisers at IMH have arranged countless rate switches for our customers when it is the right thing to do for them. We compare your current lender offers with a huge range of mortgages from right across the market.

After carefully considering these against your personal situation we will present to you the deal that suits you best. So before you get tempted with any new rates offered by your existing lender, chat to one of our friendly advisers today.

If you are a Loyalty Member, we won’t charge you for our advice and you can then be assured you’re getting the right mortgage deal for you. If you are not a Loyalty Member, we can still help, and don’t worry we will explain any fees involved upfront so you can make a fully informed decision on how you want to move forward. 

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Choosing a deal from your lender

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